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I'm 20, female, chubby and learning to accept that. Although my body is anything but perfect, I will say that my face is hecka cute.
I have an adorable baby boy and the very best BFF you could ever ask for. This blog is my poems, opinions, thoughts, and rants. It's my life. Although, I am raising a baby and going to school so i am not on as much as i like. Though, I promise you will like what you read.
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ohh how I’ve missed you.


Heck Yes, Saturdays.

Tonight I have work, woot! lol I actually enjoy my job.

Tomorrow, I am going with my mom, her fiance, my siblings, my son and my cousin Gabby to the aquarium and botanical gardens.  Josef’s favorite place ever is the aquarium so I wanted to do a family thing that he would enjoy as a late birfday present.  I am also going to take pictures of him at the gardens and edit them for his birthday pictures.  I’m excited =]

I’m bummed because next Thursday there is a concert at Tingley Coliseum.  Disciple, Lecrae, Kutless, MercyMe, and two other bands.  I want to go so bad but I really need to go to bed at a decent time because I have class Friday morning at 8:30 am so I need to get up at 7 at the latest. Joooooy.



As you have noticed, I dyed my hair auburn.  It looks better in person, color doesnt always show as well in pics.  But I love it!!! I was kind of worried because sometimes when you dye your hair at home it doesnt turn out as well.  But it’s awesome so yay!

Also, I’m restretching my lobes.  I started about a year ago but only got to 12g because I didnt have money to buy more.  But I now have a job and stuff and Spencer’s had an amazing sale buy one get one for $1 so I couldn’t pass it up lol so I got a kit from 12g to 8g and one that is 6g to 2g.  I want to go up to 2g so I also got a set of 3 pair plugs and spirals that is 2g.  Im excited =]  But it hurts more this time! And I pull my right taper out the wrong way and it made my ear bleed.

I put my 14g in last night and today i’m doing my 12g.  Stretching to the next size is not a good idea when your ears are still sore -__- so i’m going to wait a couple days to put in my 10g.  The difference between 12 and 10 is kind of scary.  10g are not very big but it’s quite a bit bigger than 12.  It’s going to hurt.  No pain no gain.  Bahaha

I’m excited =]

Also, my uncle said he can finish my tat soon because I now have the money for it and we can start my second tat the same day we finish my current.  Yay!! =]


So Excited!

The other day I bought Josef his late birthday presents.  An adorable Lightning McQueen nightlight/lamp, a cars chair, a giraffe bath toy because he loves giraffes, and Spongebob pajamas.  But I gave his chair to my cousin Mig because he loves Cars and I got Jo a Toy Story one instead because he loves Toy Story. 

I also got them each a bouncy ball for valentine’s day and Josef a Woody doll =]  For Valentine’s Day “Josef” got me the Secret Life of Bees dvd, a mini stuffed Hulk doll, and some yummy Lindt truffles.  My auntie got me 3 M&M’s scented candles =]] one is vanilla, the other smells like starburst kinda and the third has a very light cinnamon scent =]  I got her a $6 dvd she wanted and some Lindt candies, my cousin Lila some cheap Burgundy hair dye and some Lindt candies, and my cousin Angel a huge cute pillow and some candies.

I’m going to get my sister a Justin Bieber dvd (sorry mom) and my brother something hilar because thats just how we are.  And I got my mom something cute but I’ll state that later because she follows me and I haven’t given it to her yet!! lol

On Saturday I’m taking Jo, my mom, and my future stepdad to the aquarium as Jo’s extremely late birthday gift lol he loves the aquarium.  It’s attached to the botanical gardens so I’m going to take pictures of him and edit them as his birthday pics.

That’s all my news.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!



I worked 10 to 7 and then went grocery shopping at 9 and got home at 11.  fuuuuun.  and we were SOOO busy today.  I feel bad for night shift because Breaking Dawn pt 1 will be released in one minute.  They are going to be SWAMPED.  We have been getting calls all day about that.

Today I was talking to a customer for a bit and he was pretty cool.  He gave me his number and I have been texting him since he got off.  Guess who just made a new friend.  This chick right here =]]

And I have a TON of homework that I’ve been procrastinating on.  Ugh sometimes I just hate myself lol.  Some of it was due two days ago.  Im slightly overwhelmed lol  Ohh well.

Homework time!!


I Am Currently…


I worked 11 am to 8 pm today.  It was actually very fun and I was always able to keep busy.  I love my coworkers and I love my job.  But it is exhausting lol.

Luckily I was able to catch the last 20 minutes of group at church!! So I had quite and awesome night =] Although, I am glad that I don’t work next Thursday because I wont miss church so woot!

And I cant wait to switch to night shift because I miss my baby =[  I’m so glad I will be working nights.

Well, time to stop procrastinating on my homework.

I hope you all are having an amazing week <3


I’m Starting To…

Feel like myself again.

I love it.

I missed me so much.


Epic Facebook Conversation.

  • Me: D-I N-O S-A you are a dinosaur!! O-L D-M A-N you an old man! Hittin on me what? Youy need a cat scan! Love that song!!!
  • Guy: I love you whoever you are.
  • Me: ol sweet we should get married and be friends and get a gecko because they are just mini dinosaurs =p in that order lol Im just kidding. But you are awesome for knowing that song! =]
  • Guy: you are so awesome for knowing my fantasy of getting a gecko and married to some random girl. omfg. we cood be s0 kawaii
  • Me: Omg that sounds like the coolest plan ever. Okay lets do this!
  • Guy: can we have sex yet, its been like 3 minutes already omg drop them panties
  • Me: lol omg I know like if we are getting married before we become friends then we should just have our honeymoon now. Facebook honeymoon raddest honeymoon ever!
  • omg I have the most random and hilarious conversations with my friends lol